HR is technologically smart now. Explore how e-HR payroll function is better over the manual payroll system!

After a dedicated and hard-working month, imagine you get a message that your account has been credited with just 75% of you salary! Oops. Where is the balance money gone?

The right HR technology implementation is essential for any business strategy to flourish. It is obvious that in order to bridge the gap between the organization’s manual administrative functions that lead to errors and evolving strategic HR responsibilities, various digital tools must be introduced asap. This will eliminate the middleman’s additional labor from the SOP for reduced time wastage, better manpower utilization and error reduction.

By assessing the workforce, understanding areas to optimize the workforce and finally measuring the results, the true value of employees and working hours can be realized and evaluated by the organization.

HR is evolving to demonstrate a more strategic responsibility to support the fundamental business objectives. However, the automated processed being used by the HR does not justify it.

Organizations need to arm the HR departments with the technological tools to support automation.

A few decades ago, the entire system of HR Department including the payroll process, was manual making . When calculating wages, errors do used to happen for which the corrective measures were taken later on. However, technology is not limited just to the IT sector these days. It has simplified the challenges of the Human Resource department, making HR agile and interesting.

Although automated payroll processes initially involved massive investments, however, with the advancement of technology, they can be customized and easy to fit in the budget.

At the same time, an automated payroll process ensures efficiency and eliminates redundant procedures in between. For Brands, with a gigantic workforce and multiple schemes across diversified regions, an automated her process is practical and flawless to execute, over and above the limitations of manual process.

It is important for the growing organizations to make automated payroll system an essential tool as a part of HR strategy, that will pillar the organization’s overall business objective.

Here are a few trusted reasons that highlight how automated payroll system rules over Manual payroll process

The computerized payroll system requires little human effort.

The computerized payroll system is a much shorter process where each step of the process can be automated. Business analytics data can be generated immediately.

Manual payroll system is prone to multiple bottlenecks, whereas the automated payroll process is centralized and collects the real-time information. The various layers of coordination, verification, and approvals are much lesser.

Consistency and Accuracy
Automated payroll systems offer a high level of consistency and accuracy of figures.

No paper work makes automated payroll systems much more secure as the data is encrypted and password protected.

Analytics, Database and Status Maintenance
The level of data-entry work involved is minimal having built-in analytic capabilities and allows to carry out a wide combination of analysis for business strategy.

Scale Up possibility and increased bandwidth for applicability across various functions

Automated Payroll systems can serve a large number of customers, trade partners, employees and stakeholders. They are interlinked and much easier to scale as per the demand ranging from Sales, Marketing, Trade or Retail Showroom Operations.

In addition to the above benefits, automated payroll systems are environment-friendly as they encourage zero paper consumption, are cost effective, customizable and enhance customer satisfaction.

Selecting a Payroll Software

However, despite having so many benefits, organizations must be careful in selecting an automated payroll solution. They must consider customised and dynamic plans for the near and distant future. Since automated payroll systems require substantial initial investment the solution must be chosen with care and only after evaluating multiple options with a close attention during implementation.

As per the online media reports, a poor implementation exercise, a lack of consistent customer service and a time-consuming payroll process led FRG, a chain of 47 restaurants and one food manufacturing facility across north Texas and Oklahoma, with nearly 2,000 employees, almost at the verge of huge financial losses, and reduced footfalls. Now with Paycor, FRGs operational procedure has become much simpler and had noticed a rise in customer satisfaction quotient.

These are some of the effective parameters, which when carefully monitored, make automated payroll systems an effective proposition.

Understanding the essential needs of the organizations, we at eMpulse offer automated payroll application.

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