Features and Agile terms are used in e-HR are explained below.

Organization Design

Get to know the organization structure and the details of each employee including the list of them on roll, their roles and hierarchy.


Announce vacancies, facilitate candidates to apply online, shortlist them, schedule interviews and add their status through a guided single platform. You may also issue the employees offer through the same and later add a summary of the total process for your reference.

Performance Management

Review the employee’s performance on a regular basis and chart out KPIs to target. Maintain a log for the review cycle and offer goals to them for betterment. Mark them based on the parameters on the rating grid and review status of appraisal.

Exit management

Employees resigning does not end your relationship with them. An exit interview facilitates understanding not just them but your own work set up and helps you make it better. Intimate their last date and manage their exit the savvy way.


Document employee details from their time of joining. Maintain records of their background verification and keep the related documents secured online.

Time Tracking

Track the employee login timings through the biometric system in place. Monitor their total hours of work and provide feedback in case they do not meet the stipulated timings.

Benefits and Payroll

Clearly state organization perks and benefits like health insurance, PF, leave allowances etc. Be transparent about what the company has to offer and maintain employee's pride towards you.


All official communications and announcements can be easily made accessible at one place. Make group announcements easily and visible for record. This also includes HR manual, company policies, holidays list and events.


Report and review the expenses made for and by the employee. Approve it in prior in case of refund for work related expenses like travel and other needs.


Have an overlook on the benefits and losses to cut down on the hampering activities. Track the overall hiring velocity, attrition, head count, revenue per employee and employee performance in a single dashboard.