Ans - eHR is a human resources management application that helps you with all-round HR processes.
Ans - eHR guides you through the HR processes from recruitment to the retirement phase of employees thus helping you to have a planned and structured management.
Ans -Recruitment enables you to announce vacancies, facilitate candidates to apply online, shortlist them, schedule interviews and add their status through a guided single platform.
Ans -Performance Management helps to maintain a log of the employee's performance on a regular basis.
Ans - Competence Management keeps track of the employee's efforts to stay competent in the relevant field by means of staying updated through latest courses etc.
Ans -An employee leaving an organization is a process when done right could earn you lifelong loyalty from them. Let them know that you valued their presence and guide them through a planned exit process that leaves the employer and the employee happy.
Ans - You don’t have to solicit employee's credentials each time when you need to verify it. This feature helps you to maintain records of their background verification and keep the related documents secured online.
Ans - Make sure that the employee's are aware of the organization rules and agree to abide by it. A compliance option keeps it open that the rules are read by the employees and agreed upon.
Ans -It is easier to have written expenses made for and by the employees in order to calculate the profits. This option enabling in approving employee expenditure in prior.
Ans - HRIMS stands for Human Resources Information Management System. After all the effort taken in using a structured management approach through eHR, the results are shown as outputs here.
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