About Our Other Products


eMscrum is an out-of-the-box Agile practice solution which is intuitive and simple to use for teams of varying size.

eMscrum is a project management application that helps you keep a tab of your work and plan accordingly. With scope to break down your work into tasks, sprints and weekly updates, eMscrum acts as a complete planner and project management tool to monitor the progress.


eMsales is a CRM application to help enterprises in meeting the goals of customer relationship management.

eMsales keeps your projects organized with a detailed planner. Each option in the app is designed for easy organization and planning of tasks necessary in the project. An all-round coverage from beginning to end of sales can be tracked and maintained through the ‘Sales’ option on app.

Safety Tech

Safety Tech is a Project Management tool developed by eMpulse.

Safety Tech is an application that will review the existing practices and quality in place and help you follow a systematic approach to safety. Safety Tech takes you through a guided auditing process that pushes you to get certified in relevant streams and keep your security measures intact.


PIMS is a technology enabled process management tool which is driven by the process and designed for the process.

PIMS has a capability to retrieve data for historical days to see the performance in the past days and have capability to pull what needs to be done in the future based on planning and recommendation with data filter capability.


ERP is a Project Management tool developed by eMpulse.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This tool acts as a stylesheet algorithm to delegate tasks and carry them out in an orderly manner. ERP is a work order management style guide.


PI is a Process Improvement product developed by eMpulse.

Process Improvement is a product which allows for efficient management of company processes, as well as to generate, track and execute process improvement projects within the company.Process helps to capture value streams at multiple levels and SOP for the processes.