Whatever be your budget, our integrated CRM and eHR Techniques promise to get deeper insights and increased revenues!

What is essential for any business strategy to flourish? Its Consumer’s powerful insights, a smart Marketing Plan to tackle it, the best utilization of resources, seamless execution and quick closures. Sound simple.

However, despite spending a huge amount of budget beyond plan, the lack of smooth cohesiveness amongst all these is one of the main reasons why companies take unbelievable number of years to plan and execute everything, and still, struggle to meet the desired objective in the given timeline. In the technologically advanced market scenario, such outcomes are not expected!

We at eMpulse, have an integrated Business and Marketing solution without integrated CRM and eHR techniques, that assures you will get your business objective met seamlessly, in a cost-effective manner.

Mr. Abhishek Raghuvanshi, Project Manager – p@ydukan says “Our situation was not usual. Although we have only 5 employees here at Head Office, we also have a base of over 50 Distributors and 1000 Retailers in the Northern region of our country. With the introduction of integrated CRM and eHR, our life has become simple and only 5 of us are able to manage a diverse Retailer Base quite well.”

The CRM, which ensures that the Client and Customers are served well and eHR that aligns the organization's internal work process and manpower management –are smartly integrated by our team of professionals, who meticulously understand your business, and suggest a seamless and cost effective plan, which is measurable, monitorable, controllable at any point of time and can be easily customized basis your specific requirement or region wise, and within your desired budget. Importantly, it assures least loss quotient and promises both qualitative and quantitative output.

To know more on the distinct and advanced features of eMpulse CRM and eHR, kindly read our blogs.

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