What is e-HR and its undeniable role to support enhanced revenue and reputation, even for startups?

Quite unbelievable. Isn’t it. After all, how can digitization of HR department can support in cost and work process effectiveness!

HR has often been considered as a department which is limited to hiring, firing and documenting tons of file bundles. HR Department is like a mother, whose incredible efforts often remain unnoticed. That’s it. Hence the decision to have the HR department for sarts ups is usually cornered.

HR, in reality, is the foundation of any organization that is responsible for the overall working efficiency of all the manpower. Not just the management of the employees, HR deals with one of the huge expenses of the organizations in terms of salaries, against which, quality manpower is expected. The more systematic, organized and advanced HR will become, more would be the impact on the organization’s profits.

As per the online reports, the role of HR has become more diverse where companies have started integrating IT with HR. A wide range on IT services that enhance employee efficiency and support in maximizing revenues.

However, technology has simplified the HR process even for the startups, with the introduction of eHR. While for startups, the benefit of eHR would be that there is no such need for a dedicated HR Team, in bigger organizations, the HR employee resource could be involved for higher strategic roles for Business Plannings and analytics.

Here are 5 significant advanced eHR benefits, that will enhance the efficiency of startups to support increased revenues:

  1. Self Dependency:

    eHR promotes employee self-service by offering them a platform to fill all essential information through their individual login and password, thus maintaining privacy as well. It interlinks together all the information of an employee related to the salary and benefits details, daily attendance, timings, leave records and updates thus offering clarity.

  2. Interactive communication within the team members:

    Not limited just to each user, all the users can connect with each other for various online discussions which support quick decision making, easy approach, team spirit and transparency at work.

  3. Inhouse Learnings and training for skill enhancement and development of future leaders:

    With e-HR, managers can access relevant information, training videos and other self study material to enhance leadership skills and cross-functional experience and career mapping. It encourages reduced cycle time for paperwork and multiple rounds of improvements in data.

  4. Quick closures of projects:

    eHR paves way for a real-time, information-based interactive work environment thus supporting fast-paced closures of the projects with proper monitoring every now and then.

  5. Cost-effective in an almost negligible budget, even if you have a minimum of 5 employees make our advanced eHR a must-have technology in any organization:

    An organized system in place offers a sense of impactful professionalism and enhances motivation level incredibly.

    Importantly, it is extremely economical as compared to hiring an HR professional. Our advanced eHR can be even customized for start-ups with as minimum as five employees with a cost less than 1000/- for each login.

  6. An efficient Time Tracker and Systematic Client and Reputation Management:

    Our eHR can be customized for your client management as well, ensuring that the ongoing projects, target date, status and timeline alarms are well followed to enhance Reputation management.

Our advanced eHR can be customized for your specific requirements within your budget.

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