What is e-HR?

e-HR is a human resources management application that helps you with all-round HR processes. From candidate application to hiring and processing employee details, eHR is your friendly guide to HRM. Intimate vacancies and let candidates easily apply through the apply button. Shortlist their profiles and schedule their interviews through the app. Once on board, you may carry forward their details and add their credentials to the same database for company record. You can have every detail and activities with regards to employees on a single platform eHR and manage them effectively with the application.

Why e-HR ?

Managing human resources could be a daunting task especially with limited HRs on roll to handle a large number of people. An application that guides you through the entire HR processes and helps you keep records intact comes as a boon to this challenge. e-HR stays as your companion from recruitment to the retirement phase of employees. At ease, execute the required tasks and count on eHR to remind you of pending tasks.

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How To Manage Employee Expenses

Whatever be the size and industry type of any business, it requires employee's travel allowance expenses. Managing and keeping a track of employee expenses is a critical part of any business.



The bottom line holds the massive potential of profits for a Manufacturing Company! Make them smart with HR Management System Strategy.

The impact of technology in any organizational system is always dependent on the way it is technology is roped in the order.



Whatever be your budget, our integrated CRM and eHR Techniques promise to get deeper insights and increased revenues!

What is essential for any business strategy to flourish? Its Consumer’s powerful insights, a smart Marketing Plan to tackle it, the best utilization of resources, seamless execution and quick closures.



The hidden strengths of eHR for smart returns, be it a big organization, exclusive Retail Showrooms or even startups.

Yes. HR is no more limited to the people management now a days. Its dynamism and scope have expanded many folds with the introduction of eHR.



HR is technologically smart now. Explore how e-HR payroll function is better over the manual payroll system!

After a dedicated and hard-working month, imagine you get a message that your account has been credited with just 75% of you salary! Oops. Where is the balance money gone?



What is e-HR and its undeniable role to support enhanced revenue and reputation, even for startups?

Quite unbelievable. Isn’t it. After all, how can digitization of HR department can support in cost and work process effectiveness!