The hidden strengths of eHR for smart returns, be it a big organization, exclusive Retail Showrooms or even startups.

Yes. HR is no more limited to the people management now a days. Its dynamism and scope have expanded many folds with the introduction of eHR.

eHR can be extended up to the sales counter. While online sales are at its peak, there is a vast consumer base, that still prefers to experience the products. It is one of the important reasons, that we see a rise in the launch of Exclusive Brand Showrooms with courteous professionals to attend the consumer having incredible product demonstration skills.

eHR and CRM has the potential to bridge the huge gaps, which are responsible for failed footfall conversions at the Exclusive Outlets:

The Exclusive Outlet Survey reports highlight that Showroom employees feel disconnected from the main Corporate office. Communication gap and delays are frequently observed, that affect the billing transactions and Customer Service.

Our e HR eHR potentially bridges this gap as well, ensuring that all communication gaps are fixed, the employees stay motivated and overall Customer Satisfaction and Retention is enhanced.

Mr. Saket, Sales Manager - Apollo Pharmacy, New Delhi says “ Many online orders are received by our shop owner, and are processed from our Shop. Initially, it was a challenging job to ensure timely dispatches and attend to the customer queries as any delay we directly impact on the health and wellbeing of our consumers. However, with the installation of integrated CRM and eHR, we are able to access all the information related to the Customer and their order. With eHR, our co-ordination has become smooth with our Head Office staff and Shopp owner, both. It has offered transpatent and seamless work flow at all channel touch points. Moreover, automated process gives us a pop up alarm for the freshly received orders and also timely reminders for maintaining a strong Customer Relationship. For instance, we get to know when is the medicine refill is required by any consumer which supports us in making a timely courteous call. We have been able to get extra time which we utilize for our extended Customer Support and Customer service. Our Regular Customers, especially new Mothers and Old people feel at home with us due to the personalised Service that they get. They are more comfortable with us more than before.

Be it a big chain of Retail Showrooms, or few pilot Brand outlets, when the basic benefits of eHR are merged with our advanced and customized CRM techniques, its implementation in showrooms offers a fast paced and convenient customer service and has the potential to offer the consumers and unforgettable buying experience.

To know more on the benefits of eHR for organizations, startups, and its cost-effectiveness, read our blog What is eHR and its undeniable role to support enhanced revenue and reputation, even for startups.

Our advanced eHR can be customized for your specific requirements within your budget.

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