How To Manage Employee Expenses

Whatever be the size and industry type of any business, it requires employee's travel allowance expenses. Managing and keeping a track of employee expenses is a critical part of any business. Staying on top of your employee's daily travel expenses will allow you to navigate cash burn and make need-based operational changes where needed, and be properly prepared for tax season. Thus it is of vital importance to keep a track of the cash's inflow and outflow.

Our e-HR expense module with smart features where an employee can upload his bills for payment help your employee manage daily expenses efficiently and correctly without the hassles of keeping the manual bills safely for weeks. HR can keep a reference to these bills in one place.

All your employees need to do is to simply capture a picture of the receipt and merchant details. It gets automatically coded to enable faster reimbursement and easy reference.

Our e-HR can be easily integrated with other apps. The app features seamless integration with ERP allows inside office documentation update as well.

If you want an expense management solution that allows effortless expense tracking and quick approvals, call us for e-HR free demo.

Our advanced eHR can be customized for your specific requirements within your budget.

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