The bottom line holds the massive potential of profits for a Manufacturing Company! Make them smart with HR Management System Strategy.

The impact of technology in any organizational system is always dependent on the way it is technology is roped in the order. HR must bring together a skilled workforce through smart e-HR planning at the manufacturing plants for acing the company's competitive edge.

We bring you a list of advantages and disadvantages of e-HR functions in the manufacturing companies that make eHR a blessing in disguise for making their business processes more effective and efficient.


  • e-HR influences both efficacy and usability with digitization.
  • Saves costs and making the tasks more accurate and less time-consuming.
  • Better and quicker decisions at the manufacturing level to complete orders with a considerable reduction in administrative processes
  • Transparent and better work culture.
  • Enhances employee and labor retention - HR's expertise in employee and labor relations is crucial in manufacturing as labor relations, and negotiations commonly affect company financials and the bottom line.
  • Organized compliance management through e-HR helps manufacturing companies avoid lawsuits and liabilities when disputes arise between employers and employees.
  • A more positive workflow in employee ownership, business process, and productivity
  • Saves costs while maintaining the quality of standardized data
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Connectivity and clarity with the client's existing requirements
  • Safely archived records
  • Compensation Management - Wages alone are not enough to lure the workforce at the bottom level of manufacturing. Compensation is one of the most significant business expenses in production units. The accuracy and transparency of incentives, performance management, and appraisals with e-HR help in workforce retention.
  • It offers a sense of professionalism to the bottom of the pyramid workforce.


  • Improper shift due to firmly molded mindsets: In order to make proper use of E-HRM, it becomes very necessary for the staff to change their mindsets, as many people still have certain inhibitions in using technology in certain facets of their profession, primarily at the manufacturing level.
  • Data Entry Errors
  • Low interpersonal contact

With its various advantages and challenges, e-HR technology must be smartly implemented with a well-structured functioning plan in place, to provide efficient and increased performance of the organization.

The transformation of Traditional HR to strategic HR at the manufacturing level makes not only the Human Resource Department an administrative expert but also a change master for sustaining the company's competitive edge in the ever-changing industry landscape.

HR needs to develop well-founded HR strategies to the right to make use of e-HR and establish policies and functioning standards that benefit the bottom line.

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